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Texas Master’s Time Trial Champ to Race at Galena Fest

Fresh from Mc Kinney, Texas, current Texas State Master’s Time Trial
champion and Texas Road Cup points leader, Kurt Bickel returns to his
former home town and dirty roots to challenge Reno’s best at the
Bloody Rose Hillclimb.

With 17 wins, two time trial course records and the Tour of the Gila
under his belt this year, he hopes to claim the Mt. Rose season pass at
the top of Relay Peak.

“I know it’s not going to be easy” said Bickel. “It’s been a couple of
years since I got on the mountain bike, and probably 5 since I’ve
raced one. Reno’s got a huge number of talented riders, and I haven’t
adjusted to the altitude yet.”

Chances of winning?

“It depends, mostly on who shows up. Kyle Dixon is a current National
Champion and was really looking strong when we rode together a few
days ago. There are other guys who are part mountain goat too. And I’m
an old guy. I’ll be pretty happy if I can get a Silver Peak down after
the race and don’t have to take oxygen.”

When asked what the key is to a good finish, Bickel recalled his
winning effort at the National MTB Championships several years ago.

“Pacing. Patience. You get all excited and want to drill it right
away. Do that and 10 minutes later you end up sucking air through a
straw or on the side of the trail losing your breakfast. The air just
gets thinner and the trail steeper as you close in on the top. You
gotta keep some gas in the tank”

Post race plans?

“Enjoy the festival, try to talk one of the kids out of a big trout
for dinner that night, then head back to Texas for our road race

Register for the Bloody Rose today!

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