The Great Basin Institute at Galena is a non-profit organization which works to restore, establish, expand and enhance outdoor education and recreational resources in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The Great Basin Institute at Galena, the event producer and organizer, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity. Federal Tax ID # 88-0431016.

The Great Basin Institute at Galena raises awareness about outdoor education, outdoor recreation opportunities, land stewardship, and environmental issues. Its current focus is on engaging its youth with nature through educational and recreational opportunities, such as the Great Basin Naturalist Science Exploration Camps and the school Field Studies Program. This is partly accomplished through providing scholarships for these programs to disadvantaged youth.

Galena resident and Galena Times Publisher, Richard Keillor, founded Galena Fest to raise money for kid’s programs at the park & trail construction/maintenance. “The Bloody Rose will eventually attract mountain bikers from across the country and act as the core event to keep Galena Fest growing in popularity for years,” Keillor said.

Key components of Galena Fest 2018 are The Bloody Rose Mountain Bike Climb to Relay Peak, The Wicked Thorn 7.25 mile Trail Run, The Wicked Thorn 3 mile Walk through the beautiful Galena Forest,  The Kids’ Run 1 mile race for kids of all ages, and the Kids’ Expo and Art-In-The-Park activities for the younger generation.

The festival atmosphere includes food and information vendors, beer, and and live music. Neighbors and friends celebrate an unprecedented, active family outing under a canopy of Jeffrey Pines.

Proceeds from Galena Fest 2087 will be used to contribute to new trail construction/maintenance and support many youth programs such as Great Basin Naturalists at Galena.

Galena Fest 2018 is organized by Galena Fest, Inc., a non-profit organization, and is run by the Great Basin Institute and a team of committed & talented volunteers.


Galena Creek Visitor Center


Email: visitorcenter@thegreatbasininstitute.org